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Real-time company insights to

change the way you define success!

Target the right audience, hit the market and tap into unexplored 

business avenues to generate Higher ROI with Company Insights. 

Witness growth and compete with companies from the higher 

ranks of the business world. Create a global link today and 

establish your company goals.


Turn real-time company insights
into action with Append Global™

Businesses thrive on Company Insights, Intent Data, and 

Human Intelligence. It can help you analyze your competitors 

or products and their performance. Company Insights can 

also open new avenues of investment to expand your 


The data should thus be valid and of high quality. Stale or 

unresponsive data will only exhaust your resources and 

funds. To ensure that the insights you receive are actionable, 

we rely on our Data Scientists to verify and check their 

responsiveness. With guaranteed response rates and 

negligible bounce rates, you can understand if you are 

reaching your ideal demographic. Adopt the following 

strategies that are exploited by top companies with the 

Company Insights we provide. Drive success and earn high-

profit margins today!

Take advantage of these Contact Insights and achieve your

 business goals.

How it works

With an established network across the world, DataCaptive™’s team has access to reliable and segmented Company Insights from million +

companies. The data list can be customized to your preference of industry, giving you the flexibility to download the Data you need. To ensure 

data integrity, we rely heavily on Human Research and Intelligence to eliminate any drawbacks of AI.

We’ve also partnered with third-party experts to maximize your output levels through our Data. DataCaptive™ is always on the lookout for Data 

that not only enriches your business but also saves your time and resources!



Simone jones

Sales manager

With the data that was provided to us, there were fewer bounce rates and were able to reach our audience with ease. Our brand visibility increased, and we were able to establish and a global customer base because of our personalized campaigns.

    Andrew miller

     Senior marketing executive

DataCaptive™ has been very supportive from the beginning. Even after receiving the data we could always go back to them with any clarifications. Their customer service and quality data they provide was the perfect match for our company. We will definitely be using DataCaptive™’s services again.

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